In Search of Pipe Dreams - Chinese Edition

July, 2008

publisher / translator / art designer


 In Search of Pipe Dreams by American keynote collector and pipe personality Rick Newcombe, has been one of the classics among worldwide hobbyists. Not only does this book share with us how Newcombe chased The Ideal Pipe by visiting and interacting with old world artisans around the globe over the past decades, especially with top Scandinavian masters such as Sixten Ivarsson, Bo Nordh, Jess Chonowitsch, Lars Ivarsson, Ulf Noltensmeier and Per Hansen (S.Bang), but also shows us how he had fun with our common hobby called Pipe Collecting. 


The Chinese edition was translated and published by me, under the license of the author, and was further enhanced with a sumptuous selection of highly exclusive photos, including ' Ballerina ' and ' Ramses ' by Bo, and the last pipes Sixten and Bo made, Dunhill ' DR ' ******, etc., provided by Newcombe and Tang.  

Hard cover, 1/16, 216 pages, with giant poster, published in Shanghai on July, 2008. 

ISBN: 978-7-5452-0083-6                        

Price: RMB 298


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